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So you Think You Know Newark?

So you Think You Know Newark? – Quiz

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1. In 1984, what did Beverly Lynn Burns do for Newark-based People Express?

2. Which recent sci-fi film featured scenes shot in Newark?

3. Which Hall of Fame player did not manage one of Newark’s minor-league baseball clubs?

4. Who was Newark’s Halsey Street named after?

5. Prudential Insurance was formed in Newark in what year?

6. Which of these breweries operated in Newark for over a century?

7. Newark-born author Stephen Crane died at age 28 in which country?

8. What was University Hospital’s original name when it opened in 1882?

9. What did Newark pastor Hannibal Goodwin invent?

10. Who designed the New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC)?

11. Newark-born Alfred Nobile invented what drug?

12. The Jackson St. and Clay St. bridges, which cross the Passaic River, both opened in what year?




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