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MEETING OF THE MINDS Rutgers Center for Real Estate explores ‘New Urbanism’ in groundbreaking conference By Ty Boatman, Photography by Hal Brown There are a lot of eyes on the changes happening in Newark. For reasons that should be obvious, ...

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A Moving Experience

A Moving Experience For Newark’s newest corporate arrival, nemawashi is the name of the game By Michael L. Diamond Photography by Daryl Stone With an eye on a new North American headquarters, Panasonic considered all of the factors corporations use ...

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Like Butter

Like Butter Halsey Street’s newest tenant, Aminata Dukuray, is on a roll By Teja Anderson Aminata Dukuray was born in Sierra Leone, the daughter of a Muslim man with five wives and 21 children who moved his family to the ...

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The Greening of New Jersey

Energy efficiency programs and policies are actually working By Peter Kaplan In a world where everyone seems to be consuming more and spending more to consume, have you noticed that your electric bill has actually been going down? It’s no ...

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Holiday Road – Best of the Brick

Ferry Street in the Ironbound is a shop-til-you-drop paradise… if you know where to go By Andy Clurfeld Photography by Daryl Stone Forget duty-free. Bag the idea of squandering precious vacation time loading up on holiday gifts. Save a buck ...

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Once Upon a Mattress

Once Upon a Mattress By Teja Anderson Photography by Teja Anderson The old factories that dot Newark’s Ironbound section are full of surprises. A case in point is the four-story redbrick building on Mott Street, which had formerly served as ...

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Mark Mangogna: Forever in Blue Jeans

Mark Mangogna: Forever in Blue Jeans By Diane Alter Sometimes life demands a soundtrack. For Mark Mangogna, the 1979 hit “Forever in Blue Jeans” by Neil Diamond will do just fine. As owner and founder of Ironbound Denim, Mangogna has ...

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Marisa Blackwell: Playing With Food

Marisa Blackwell: Playing With Food By Diane Alter Given a once-in-a lifetime chance, Marisa Blackwell made the most of it. In 2008, eager and enthusiastic, Blackwell took over a Portuguese barbecue restaurant in downtown Newark. Drawing on her extensive culinary ...

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Birth of the cool

Birth of the cool At 75, Nasto’s is better than ever By Andy Clurfeld Before Ben & Jerry’s, before Haagen-Dazs, way before all those $10-a-pint super-premium ice creams beckoned from specialty store freezer cases, and decades before prim-and-pretty parlors served ...

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